Day 93 (Hawley, PA – Hamburg, NJ)


Today was a huge improvement over yesterday. My first two runs were both pretty quick and I felt amazing. I decided to push myself a little bit and not hold back as much now that I’m nearing the end. It felt great to open up my stride and get into a good fast rhythm.

My third run started by going over the Delaware River and into New Jersey. After that I began going up some pretty big hills, but I was still feeling strong and went up them with relative ease. My last run wasn’t quite as good as the rest of the day. My right ankle started to bother me a little bit, but not too bad. Other than that though I still went at a decent pace and felt alright.

Tomorrow is my last full 40 mile day, which I’m very excited about. After tomorrow I’m not sure if I’ll be doing another 40 mile day anytime soon. Even though I know I’m so close to the finish, it still weirdly doesn’t feel like it. I’ve gotten into such a routine over the last three months that it still feels like any other day on the trip. Once I actually see the city skyline, then maybe I’ll feel like I’m almost there.


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