Day 91 (Wyalusing, PA – Fleetville, PA)


Today may have very well been the hilliest day overall so far on this run. The first run of the day wasn’t too bad. I felt pretty solid and went at a decent pace. The second run is where things started to get pretty rough.

We decided to take some back roads since it would be about 4 miles shorter. We knew it would be pretty hilly, but weren’t prepared for what was ahead. The entire second and third runs were nothing but steep hills. It was impossible to get any kind of rhythm going and some of the hills were so steep that I would’ve gone up them just as fast if I’d walked.

I was not looking forward to my last run of the day at all. It was only 5.8 miles, but there were still some pretty significant hills ahead and I was just so exhausted. Pretty much right when I started though I felt so much better. I’m not sure exactly why, but it ended up being my best run of the day. It could’ve been because it had started to cool down. I was glad that I could finish a tough day on a good run.


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