Day 90 (Canton, PA – Wyalusing, PA)


My first run of the day leaving from downtown Canton was pretty cool. It felt good to run on a road that I’d run thousands of times before. I made my way through Leroy, and ended the first run in my friend Mark Cordeiro’s driveway. We hung out and talked while I rested, and then he joined me for the next run.

We were teammates in high school and ran together all the time, so it was nice to get to run together again. We went 11 miles and ended up in Monroeton. After mark left and I took a break, I set out for my third run. This didn’t go quite as well as the previous two. I was a little exhausted and the traffic was really bad, with no good place to really run on the side of the road. I went through Towanda and Wysox, and ended up 8 miles outside of Wyalusing.

For my third run I was joined by Mike Murphy, the cross country coach for Northeast Bradford High School. It was a really good run and was very nice to get to run with someone on that last leg of the day. Especially since I wasn’t feeling quite as good on the previous one. The run went by very quick, and before I knew it we were in downtown Wyalusing.

After I was done for the day, my dad and I went to Steve Williams place on the river and we hung out there for the night. I really had a good time and hopefully we can go back sometime when I don’t have to finish a run across America the next day.


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