Day 87 (Galeton, PA – Wellsboro, PA)

Today started out kind of miserable but by the end it turned out to be a pretty great day. My first run wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t feeling great, but still made out alright. I came across a bear walking across the street, so that was pretty cool. I definitely prefer bears to dogs.

My second run is where things started to get crappy. For one, I didn’t come across any more bears. To make things worse, we decided to cut a couple of miles off the run by going over the mountain from Pine Creek to Wellsboro instead of staying on Route 6. Not a great idea in hindsight. It was the worst hill I’ve gone up this entire trip, including the hellacious mountain in Arizona and the infamous Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado.

Once I finally got to the top, I began my descent into Wellsboro on my third run. Things started to turn around a bit at this point, but I still wasn’t feeling great. This changed once I arrived at the First Citizens Bank in Wellsboro. I was greeted by all of the wonderful employees who stood in the parking lot cheering and holding signs as I finished. They had a platter of snacks inside for us and were so gracious and kind. I really appreciated it.

My friend and old high school teammate, Adam Butters, came and met us at the bank to join me for the last run of the day. Before that though, we drove over to Pizza Hut for some lunch. It was nice getting to catch up with Adam since I don’t see him too often anymore.

After lunch we set off for the last run of the day, an easy 5 miler. It was a little hilly, but after what I went through earlier in the day, this felt like nothing. Adam took off after we finished and an hour later my mom drove into town and we went to the theater to see Guardians of the Galaxy again. Just as amazing on a second viewing.

Tomorrow night I’ll be in Canton, so I’m excited to see everyone once I get there. One last day off before my last push for the finish!


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