Day 86 (Port Allegheny, PA – Galeton, PA)


I did 35 miles today but still stuck with doing only three runs. So I did two 12 milers and finished the day with an 11 miler. This ended up working really well.

My first run felt amazing. I went at a pretty decent pace and it was all flat for the most part. The second run felt a little more tired. I went through Coudersport and ended up at the foot of Denton Hill. Even though I didn’t feel quite as strong, I still felt good about the fact that I only had one more run to go for the day.

We went back into Coudersport to get some lunch and take advantage of McDonald’s free wifi, since we haven’t had any service for the past two days. After taking a pretty long break, I headed back out for my last run. This ended up feeling quite a bit better than my last run. It probably helped that after getting to the top of Denton Hill, it was all downhill the rest of the way.

We’ll be getting into Wellsboro at the end of the day tomorrow, and then the next day I’ll be in Canton! It feels pretty unreal that I’m almost home, and also only a little over a week from finishing the run. Right now I’m planning on finishing in New York City on Wednesday, August 13th. I’ll let you all know if that changes, but for now that’s the plan.


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