Day 85 (Klondike, PA – Port Allegheny, PA)

Things went very well today. My legs felt so much better than yesterday, and the weather was almost perfect for running. I only had to do 30 miles today because I’ve got to stagger my miles a bit these next few days in order to get into Canton Wednesday evening like I’d planned. I ended up doing a little extra today to make up for the couple miles I fell short of yesterday.

My first run took me from Klondike to the Bradford Regional Airport. There was a pretty heavy rain towards the end of the run, but it didn’t last too long so it wasn’t bad. My second run ended in Smethport, hometown of Ben Hahn. Jeff Cole from Canton drove out to run with me for a bit since he won’t be around when I’m going through Canton. While I was on my second run, my dad drove to where I was ending in Smethport, met Jeff there, and they ran out to meet up with me and we all ran into town together. Afterwards we all went and got some lunch. It was a great time having Jeff come out to run with us and hang out for a bit.

After Jeff left, I took a break in the RV for a while before going out for my last run of the day. I ended up in Port Allegheny, going over some pretty big hills along the way. Luckily I felt amazing and the hills didn’t bother me at all. Before I knew it I was done for the day and it was still pretty early. After doing so many 40 mile days, doing 30 felt like a walk in the park.

We found a campground up the road from where I finished, Nichols Cady Hollow Campground, where we met Kirk and Nancy who own the place. They were extremely friendly and great people. They didn’t charge us anything to stay here for the night, which we’re very grateful for.


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