Day 84 (Pittsfield, PA – Klondike, PA)


I didn’t feel quite as good today as I have recently. On my first run, my left calf was a little tight and sore, and my legs just felt pretty tired. The temperature was pretty cool though, which was a plus.

On my second run I wore my compression sleeve for my leg and it felt significantly better. After that I started to get into a little bit of a better rhythm and my legs started to feel better as well.

My last two runs were in the Allegheny National Forest and past the Kinzua Dam, which was very cool. On the last run of the day, we got a really heavy rain and thunderstorm, so I decided to cut the run a couple miles short.

Overall it wasn’t a bad day. I progressively felt better as the day went on, which is good. Another thing that helped is that I had some awesome new songs to listen to thanks to my friend Natalie Smith, who put together an awesome playlist for me after I told her that I was starting to get tired of hearing the same songs on every run. So now I’ve got enough new tunes to get me the rest of the way.


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