Day 81 (Ashtabula, OH – Edinboro, PA)


I’ve finally made it to Pennsylvania! I started early this morning with my first run. There was a light rain and it was very cool out, which made for great running weather. I ended up crossing into Pennsylvania at about 7.75 miles, in the exact spot where I finished my run across PA 7 years ago.

My next run took me to the other side of Albion. It was still raining at first, but it eventually let up and the sun started to come out. I took about an hour break before starting my last run. At this point I only had about 7 miles to get to Edinboro, and a bunch of my Edinboro teammates and good friends came out to run with me. (Michael Thielman, Matt Link, Dustin Thomas, Dylan Stevens, Alex Beardsley, Tim McConnell, Chris Lantinen, Nick Tripi, Allison Gibbens, Kasey Jones, and Emily Ahrens)

It was easily the best run I’ve had this entire trip. It didn’t even feel like a run, just getting to talk with everyone and have a good time. We finished right in downtown Edinboro at the corner where we’d always meet for our runs. My mom and brother drove out and met us afterwards, and we went to the Crossroads Dinor for some lunch. My mom and dad drove back home and Emmett is staying out to be my support crew until my dad gets back Friday afternoon.

Tim and Matt cooked an amazing meal later, with pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans and coleslaw. We all just hung out the rest of the night just like the old times. It was an amazing day, and I feel so reenergized and ready to take on the rest of this run.


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