Day 79 (North Olmsted, OH – Mentor, OH)


It ended up being a pretty eventful day. We hit the road after saying goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, who were so great letting us stay at their place last night. It was very cool out today, which felt amazing.

My first 10 miles went very well, then after a short break I went back out for my next 10. This second run took me through downtown Cleveland, which is a very nice city.

During the run, I saw someone up ahead clapping and wearing an Edinboro hat. It was my friend and teammate Matt Link’s dad. He ran with me for a little bit before taking off for a meeting he was headed to. It was a very nice surprise seeing him and gave me a little extra energy for the rest of my run.

When I finished my second run, my dad was waiting for me in a parking lot along with Tim Shedden and his family who came out to see us. Tim lives in Cleveland but is originally from our area. It was so nice of them to come out and we spent a while just standing out in the parking lot talking.

I started my third run and went through East Cleveland, which wasn’t quite as nice of a neighborhood, but didn’t have any problems and I still felt great. I took a pretty long break before going out for my last run of the day. I didn’t feel quite as good as my previous runs, but still managed to have a decent run.

We got dinner at Melt in Mentor where I finished. I got the Monte Cristo and it was so delicious. They also had the Great Lakes Christmas Ale on draft, I’m guessing for Christmas in July. Such a great beer.

We decided to just dry camp tonight in the Walmart parking lot. Another one of my Edinboro friends, Sean Naderer, only lives about 15 minutes up the road, so he came over and hung out for a bit. I haven’t seen him in quite a while, so it was nice getting to catch up with him.

After I finish tomorrow I should only be about 27 miles away from Edinboro. I’m so excited to finally be back in home territory and starting see familiar places and people.


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