Day 77 (New Riegal, OH – Norwalk, OH)


It was another great day of running today. I know, it’s getting really boring to hear that I felt good on all of my runs and everything’s going great. I might have to break my leg or get hit by a car just to break up the monotony.

The last couple of days I started my first run very fast, then went progressively slower throughout the day, though not by much. Today I decided to start somewhat conservatively and just maintain a steady pace throughout the entire day. This went really well and I felt consistently good throughout the entire day.

We’re only about 15 miles south of Sandusky right now, but unfortunately won’t have time to go to Cedar Point. I’m perfectly alright with that though, because I’ve been there once before and I’m just not a fan of amusement parks. Why would I want to ride a terrifying roller coaster and be afraid for my life when I can just do literally anything else and be perfectly happy.

We’ll be getting to the outskirts of Cleveland tomorrow, where I’ll get to see my friend and former Edinboro teammate Dustin Thomas. His parents are kind enough to let my dad and I stay at their place tomorrow night. After that I’ll only be a couple days away from Pennsylvania, the home stretch.


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