Day 76 (Glandorf, OH – New Riegel, OH)


Had another great day of running. We got a little bit of a late start but still somehow finished pretty early. My first run felt amazing, which is a recent trend that I hope continues. I feel so in shape that my pace is just getting faster without putting any extra effort in.

My second run was almost as good as the first, and the whole thing was on back roads which is always a plus. My last two runs didn’t feel quite as good, but I still went a lot faster than I felt like I was going.

After my last run we headed down to the campground, excited that we’d be getting there relatively early and well before the sun went down. Unfortunately we ran into a parade going through the small town of Vanlue, and had to sit there for quite a while waiting for it to be over. It was a lovely little parade from what I could tell watching from the RV, but it was a little longer than it had to be.

We finally got to the campground and dad cooked up some steaks and sausages on the grill for dinner. They’re celebrating Christmas in July in the park, which is pretty exciting I guess. I’ll be sure to listen to some Christmas carols and watch Batman Returns before I go to bed.


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