Day 75 (Convoy, OH – Glandorf, OH)

I felt amazing today after taking a day off. My first 10 miler was my second fastest run I’ve had so far, and it felt pretty effortless. The rest of my runs today didn’t feel as incredible as the first, but they were all solid runs and I felt great the entire day.

Another nice thing about today is that it didn’t get above 70 degrees the entire day. This felt so great after having some pretty hot days prior to my last day off. I’m hoping that I get some more days like this in the weeks to come.

It definitely feels like I’m getting a lot closer to home now. One of the big signifiers is that all the stores sell Yuengling, something I haven’t seen since we left for California. It’s a beautiful sight.

I feel as though I can make it the rest of the way to New York City on just adrenaline. I’m feeling such a boost in energy and everything seems much more manageable now. Cleveland is only a couple of days away, at which point I’ll consider myself to be in familiar territory.


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