Day 73 (Huntington, IN – Convoy, OH)


I finally made it to Ohio today! I started out pretty early this morning and got 10 miles in while it was still cool out. After that, it started to get pretty damn hot.

The second run was probably the toughest just because of the heat. I decided at that point that I was only going to do 35 miles today, which would take me right to the Ohio border.

My third run went a little better, mostly because I knew it was my last 10 miler for the day. After a short break, I went back out for my last 5 miles.

I decided I wanted to pick up the pace a bit just to get my legs going. My last 2 miles of the day ended up at 5 minutes per mile pace. I didn’t mean to go that fast, but it is nice to know I’ve still got plenty left in the tank.

I finished earlier today than I have this whole trip. Afterwards we drove about 20 miles up to Fort Wayne, where we’re going to be staying tonight and tomorrow for my day off.


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