Day 72 (Peru, IN – Huntington, IN)

My first couple of runs today felt pretty good, but the road I was on had no berm, making it difficult to get into a good rhythm. It was nice and cool at the start of my first run, but by the last few miles it got pretty hot.

My third run ended on a four lane highway, which I normally wouldn’t be too excited about, but it was really nice to have plenty of space on the side of the road. I didn’t mind the increase in traffic because at least I didn’t have to jump off the road to avoid every vehicle, unlike earlier in the day.

My third run took me through Huntington and ended just on the other side of town. While we were stopped halfway during my last run looking over the route, a man named Justin Wall pulled over to see if we needed any help. He was a runner and told us that there’s a large running community in the area and if we needed any help to give him a call. He was very helpful and we really appreciated it.

It cooled down a little by the end of my last run, but my legs were pretty tired for the last mile. It was still a good day overall. I got another 40 miles in, and tomorrow I’ll be crossing into Ohio. I plan on taking Wednesday off, so I’ve got a lot to look forward to tomorrow.


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