Day 70 (Kentland, IN – Reynolds, IN)

I started out the day not feeling so great. My legs were very tight and I wasn’t quite awake yet. Luckily the day got much better from there.

On my second run I felt so much better. My legs were loose and I was going at a good pace. I looked to see what my distance was at one point, expecting it to be around 7 miles, but I was already at 9.5.

My third run went well, though I didn’t feel quite as great as my previous 10 miles. My pace still ended up being pretty quick. At this point I only had 5 miles to go for the day, since I was only planning on doing 35 after doing 45 yesterday.

I didn’t take a very long break before going out for my last 5. I was pretty tired at this point, with such little rest beforehand. It still wasn’t too bad though, and I ended up finishing my day around 4pm, which is the earliest I’ve ever finished my day so far on this trip. It’s especially impressive when I think back to my first week when I couldn’t even get 30 miles in before it got dark one day.

We’re finally back into the eastern time zone which is nice, although now I don’t have a good excuse for posting these blogs late anymore. I feel like I’m getting back into a good rhythm and getting through my runs very efficiently. I just need to stay focused a little bit longer.


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