Day 68 (Secor, IL – Chatsworth, IL)


Today went great! We got an early start, which didn’t happen too often when Emmett was out here since we both prefer to sleep in. On my first run of the day I crossed the 2,000 mile mark for my run, which gave me an extra boost of energy.

After a short break I went back out for another 10 miles before stopping and getting some lunch. My third 10 miler went very well and by time I finished it I was way ahead of schedule.

So we went and got some ice cream and I took a short nap in the RV before heading out for my last run. I was a little more tired on this one, but knowing that it was the final run of the day and that I was finishing early helped me get through it.

I finished my 40 miles with plenty of daylight to spare. We found a perfect place to park for the night right where I finished, so tomorrow I’ll already be at the start when I wake up.

I was doing the math tonight and mapping out what all I have left to do. I pretty much figured out the rest of the schedule and when I’ll be finishing. Right now I’ll be 2 days ahead of schedule, but I might use those extra two days off when I get closer to home so that I can finish on the exact date I’d projected, August 15th.


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