Day 66 (Peoria, IL – Secor, IL)

After having numerous days where the heat and humidity was almost unbearable, today finally cooled down and made for a good day of running. It felt more like fall weather today, which is great because that’s the best kind of weather for running in my opinion.

I did four runs of 10 milers yet again. Got a pretty late start but luckily I didn’t have to worry about beating the heat. My first couple runs were a little tricky as I had to make my way through downtown Peoria, which had many of the roads closed due to construction.

Once I finally got out of Peoria and started my third run things went a lot smoother. I finally started to get into a bit of a rhythm, and my legs were still feeling good.

By my last run I was starting to feel a little exhausted, but I put on some Paul Simon to power me through the rest of the run and gained some momentum.

After I finished for the day, Emmett and I drove back to Peoria to pick my dad up at the airport. We went and got some dinner before turning in for the night.

Emmett will be leaving early tomorrow morning. It was nice to have him out here helping out. Tomorrow might be a shortened day or even maybe a day off, as my dad has to fly for someone in the morning, so we’d be getting a very late start. I could use the rest though. I’ve only got a limited number of Paul Simon songs left on the iPod to keep me going on just adrenaline.


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