Day 65 (Beaty, IL – Peoria, IL)

I thought today was going to be a lot cooler and less humid than the last few days, but unfortunately I was sadly mistaken. Technically I guess it wasn’t as hot, but the 100% humidity more than made up for that.

It was still a pretty alright day though. I only did 35 miles instead of 40, mostly due to there not really being any places to pull off the road at the 40 mile mark, but also partially just me being lazy.

There weren’t too many noteworthy things that happened today. It was kind of just the same as the last few days. I did have a quesarito from Taco Bell for lunch which was absolutely delicious and amazing.

I’m still feeling really good, and now that I’m so used to doing 10 milers all the time, my 5 miler at the end of the day was so ridiculously easy and only felt like I ran 1 mile. Maybe 2.

My dad is flying back out tomorrow afternoon which is exciting and then Emmett will be leaving early Wednesday morning. Also, I’m very close to hitting the 2,000 mile mark. If my math is correct, and it never is, I’ll hit 2,000 miles on my first run on Wednesday.


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