Day 60 (Macon, MO – Philadelphia, MO)

Started today with a 10 miler, like always. It went very well. The past few days I’ve been running on a four lane road and this first run was my last on this road.

The rest of the day I spent on smaller country roads which was nice, but I had sort of been getting into a good rhythm on the four lane and there was more than enough space to run on the berm, unlike the road I’m on now.

I did three more 10 milers throughout the day to get my 40 miles in. I didn’t feel great on these runs, but it could’ve been much worse. I still managed to end the day pretty strong and feeling good.

We went into the town of Palmyra to get some dinner. A local suggested that we either get pizza, Chinese or Mexican, and claimed that all three were the best you’ll find in this part of the country. It was a bold statement, but he seemed trustworthy enough so we went with the pizza. It was pretty amazing, although I haven’t had enough pizza from other places in this part of the country to really be able to confirm the validity of this man’s claim.

I’ll be getting into Illinois tomorrow and then taking the day off on Friday, so I’m very excited to get started tomorrow. Missouri has flown by so quick, and I imagine it will be the same, if not quicker with the next two states.


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