Day 58 (Breckinridge, MO – Laclede, MO)


Today went pretty well despite the heat being a bit unbearable. My first 10 miler today was already pretty hot, but nothing too terrible. I did another 5 just a few minutes later to try and fit in a little more before it got too hot.

After an hour and a half break I went back out for another 10. At this point it was so hot and humid that I wasn’t sure if I could even make it a couple of yards let alone 10 miles.

I managed to do all 10 and then decided to take an extended break and go out for my last 10 miles as the sun started to go down in the evening and just do 35 miles for the day.

The evening run was much nicer even though it was still very humid. My legs felt great and my pace was very good. We headed back to the state park where we’re staying tonight.

My mom and dad are leaving tomorrow morning, so it’ll just be Emmett and I for a little while. It was nice to have mom out here as I hadn’t seen her since we left for California. By the time my dad gets back I’ll be well into Illinois, probably close to Indiana at that point.


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