Day 57 (Stewartsville, MO – Breckenridge, MO)

I started the day with 10 miles and felt amazing. Maybe not quite as good as yesterday’s first run, but it was close. After an hour or so I went out for my second run, another 10 miler. Didn’t feel as strong as my first run but my pace still ended up being a lot faster than I expected.

After my second run we got some lunch at Wendy’s because it’s the lunch of champions. (Hey Wendy’s, would love to be sponsored by you. Or can I at least get some free burgers?! It’s like $9 for a baconator combo meal. Come on!)

My third run was a little rough. It had gotten pretty hot out at that point and I was starting to feel a bit fatigued. I still managed to get 10 miles though, and took a couple hours off before the last run, which I split into two separate runs.

The first half was just as hot, if not hotter than the previous run, but I actually felt a lot better and had a pretty solid run. The second half was much cooler and I was able to finish the day strong.


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