Day 56 (Rushville, MO – Stewartsville, MO)


After my day off yesterday my legs felt amazing today. I started with a 10 miler that felt so good that it might have been my best run so far on this trip. My pace was way faster than I expected and it felt very easy.

My second run got cut short due to a big thunderstorm. I was going for another 10 miles, but only got 5 in before I had to stop. It wouldn’t have been a big issue, but the storm carried on strong for a long time, delaying us for 3 hours.

While we were waiting for the storm to pass, we did some laundry and got lunch at Wendy’s. If anyone was curious whether or not a baconator is a good pre-run meal, the answer is absolutely yes.

Once the storm finally passed, I did two straight 10 milers with a short break between, then finished the day with an easy 5. Surprisingly I finished with a lot of daylight to spare despite the long delay.

We went back to the RV park at the end of the day and met up with my mom and my brother Emmett, who flew out here tonight. Emmett is going to be filling in as my support crew for a week or so when my dad flies home in a couple days. It was a nice surprise to see my mom though, because I had no idea she was coming out as well.


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