Day 54 (Mayetta, KS – Rushville, MO)


Yesterday was a big improvement over the last few days, and today was even better. I felt amazing from the first run of the day to the last.

I started with a 10 miler, still on the dirt roads. My stride felt very smooth and I was able to go along at a faster pace with ease. The run ended right where the paved roads began again.

The rest of the day I maintained a quicker pace and felt strong the entire way. By the time I got to my last couple of runs for the day I decided to pick up the pace even more, and felt great.

Since I have the day off tomorrow I figured it wouldn’t hurt to go a little faster, and it was nice to see that my legs still have a little turnover in them after over 1,600 miles of running pretty conservatively.

I ended my last run of the day crossing over the Missouri River on the Amelia Earhart Memorial Bridge and ending up just across the border into Missouri.

After going across 3 very long states, it’s very exciting to now have 3 very short states to go through before I get to Ohio. They should go by a lot faster, which I guess is both good and bad.

One thought on “Day 54 (Mayetta, KS – Rushville, MO)

  1. Garth, we are so very proud of you and very happy to know a young man like yourself. You are always in our prayers. Our congregation is praying for your safe journey home. God Bless You. Malcolm and Connie.

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