Day 52 (Junction City, KS – Wamego, KS)


It was another pretty tough day of running. My first couple of runs weren’t too bad but I got worn out pretty early on.

My first run of the day ended in Fort Riley which was pretty cool. I definitely felt a little out of place though, similar to Pauly Shore in the critically acclaimed “In the Army Now”.

After that there was a pretty big stretch of nothing until I made it to Manhattan, home of the Kansas State Wildcats. I didn’t really get to stop and see the downtown area but it seemed nice from a distance. Unfortunately the outskirts that I had to run through were nothing but four lane roads and heavy traffic, which wasn’t ideal for getting through.

I decided to only do 35 miles today because I’m just really worn out from these last few days and I wanted to finish early today to have more time to rest.

I finished my last run in Wamego and we got a hotel room for the night so that I could get out of the camper for a bit and relax. I took an ice bath so hopefully that will help as well.

I’m only two days away from crossing into Missouri, and I decided that I’m going to wait until then to take my next day off. Tomorrow I’m going to try to get an early start and give myself plenty of time to get my runs in with a decent amount of rest in between and not overdo it.


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