Day 51 (New Cambria, KS – Junction City, KS)


I knew going into today that it was going to be even hotter than yesterday, so I tried to prepare myself mentally. The first couple of runs weren’t too bad, but it wasn’t too long before the heat set in.

I handled it pretty well for most of the day, but eventually it wore me down completely. I was very temped to call it a day at 30 miles, but decided that if I can get through today I should be able to handle just about anything.

It cooled down a bit for my last couple of runs which made it much easier to finish the day strong. I ended my day in Junction City, which a very nice place.

In fact just about everywhere I’ve been in Kansas has been absolutely beautiful and everyone we’ve met has been extremely friendly and helpful. We met a farmer today at one of our stops who stopped and talked for a while and let us take a ride through his wheat field on a combine tractor. It was pretty awesome.

It’s not supposed to be quite as hot tomorrow as it has been, so hopefully that’ll help me have a much needed good day of running after an exhausting last couple of days.


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