Day 50 (Ellsworth, KS – New Cambria, KS)


Today was pretty miserable. I started out with a. 10 miler in which there was a very strong headwind and hail most of the way. Little did I know that I’d be wishing for more of that weather for the rest of the day.

By the time I started my second run it had started to get pretty hot and very humid, and by the third run it was almost unbearable.

To make things worse there was no room to run on the side of the road, so it was impossible for me to get into any kind of rhythm all day.

It only got hotter and more humid as the day went on, and with it being somewhat cloudy the entire time, I wasn’t as thorough with my sunscreen application, so now my entire upper body is burnt to a crisp.

Despite these series of unfortunate events, I still managed to get 40 miles in, and my legs feel good, so it wasn’t a completely horrible day.

We should be getting into Missouri this Thursday which is very exciting.


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