Day 48 – Day Off (sort of)


The last few days we’ve been trying to decide where and when my next day off would be since it’s been about ten days since my last one.

We decided that Great Bend is as good a place as any to do so. There’s a movie theater and plenty of other things to do here. We came up with the idea to do an easy 10 miler in the morning so that I still get plenty of rest, but also don’t fall quite as far behind on my schedule.

So when we woke up this morning I went out and did 10 easy miles. It felt amazing. One of the better runs I’ve had lately. It could’ve been because I knew it was my only run of the day and could go back to bed when I finished.

After I was all done with my run, we went to Perkins for breakfast and then went to the RV park in town. My dad decided to go out for a motorcycle ride, and I took the camper to the theater to catch a movie.

Unfortunately my only two options were “Fault in our Stars” and the new Transformers. I’m sure Fault in our stars is good and I’d probably enjoy it, but I didn’t really feel like crying so I hesitantly went with Transformers instead. Big mistake. I would’ve walked out halfway through but I was too tired so I just stayed seated and endured the rest. There were a few great Marky Mark moments, but nothing you won’t be able to see on YouTube in a couple of months.

I met back up with my dad afterwards and he cooked up some burgers for dinner and we went to Walmart for some supplies.

I’m feeling good and ready to go tomorrow. I like the idea of doing 10 miles on a “day off”. I’ll probably incorporate that into some more rest days down the road.


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