Day 47 (Burdett, KS – Great Bend, KS)


I managed to get another 40 miles in today. We got breakfast at a local restaurant and waited for a thunderstorm to pass before I started my first run.

Once I got started it was still overcast and somewhat chilly. This felt amazing after having yesterday be pretty hot. I did the same basic sets of runs as yesterday, four 10 milers.

It was still cool out for my second run, and it went just as well as the first. After that we went into the nearest town to do some laundry and take a break.

By the time I started run number three, it had gotten significantly hotter out and wasn’t nearly as pleasant as the first two runs. The positive part of that run is that I finally got to a road with plenty of room to run on the side. The road I had been on yesterday and this morning had no space at all.

It was still pretty warm on my last run, but had cooled off just enough to make it tolerable. I was a little tired, but I guess that could have something to do with running 30 miles prior. Overall it was another successful day. Time to rest up before I go out and do it again tomorrow.


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