Day 46 (Cimarron, KS – Burdett, KS)


In the words of Ice Cube, today was a good day. We got a much earlier start than yesterday, and the weather was just about perfect for the first two runs. I started out with a 10 miler, took an hour break, then went out for another 10.

At that point we were in the small town of Hanston and decided to get some lunch. It was a Mexican restaurant, and I ordered their American dish, which was just enchiladas. It was a very confusing menu.

I went back out for another 10 miler after lunch, and at that point it had gotten very hot out. That combined with not having much room to run on the side of the road made for a tougher run, but it wasn’t terrible.

I took a pretty long break after that, hoping to go for my last run as it started to cool down in the evening. I then did 5 miles, took a short break, and went back out for another 5.

I felt great on those last two runs and managed to get 40 miles in pretty easily. Hopefully I can keep that going. It will make a huge difference in the amount of ground I can cover in a shorter amount of time, and quickly make up for my days off.


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