Day 43 (Syracuse, KS – Lakin, KS)

My first run today was pretty nice. I did 10 miles and it wasn’t too hot out. The rest of the day wasn’t quite as pleasant.

My second run was 9 miles, and at that point it was up to the mid 90’s. By time my third run came around, it got even hotter, and at that point my energy was pretty much drained.

My last run of the day was supposed to be an 8 miler, and I actually felt a little better by then. It had started to cool off a bit and I had a nice tailwind.

It turned out that the nice tailwind was actually a massive storm coming my way. I looked back and saw nothing but a wall of dark clouds and fog moving my way.

It wasn’t like any storm I’d seen before, and I was a little nervous that there might be a tornado. You literally couldn’t see anything past 10 feet in front of you. It was very similar to the movie The Mist, just without any monsters or Thomas Jane.

It turned out to just be a really bad thunderstorm with extremely heavy winds. Luckily Tom came by in the RV and picked me up right as it started to get bad, and we went to Subway for shelter/dinner. Eat fresh.

I still managed to get a little over 30 miles in for the day, so I’m happy with that. Tomorrow my dad is flying back out to join up with us again, which will be nice to have him back.


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