Day 42 (Lamar, CO – Syracuse, KS)


Today started out a little rough but then got better as the day went along. The first couple of runs were very hot, in the mid 90’s. I started out with a 10 miler and then my second run was 9,

By the end of the second run I was pretty worn out, mostly from the heat. I was afraid it wouldn’t get much better for the rest of the day, but then on run number three some clouds started setting in, and it finally started to cool off. So it actually went very well and I felt great.

On my last run of the day, within the first half mile, I crossed into Kansas. This gave me a little extra burst of energy that definitely helped me finish the day strong.

I’d say the only negative about that last run is that I saw more snakes on the side of the road than I have this entire trip. I’m not a big fan of snakes. In fact, they terrify me. Hopefully there won’t be too many more encounters with them along the way, although I’m sure there will be. I’m already about as fed up with snakes as Samuel L Jackson.


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