Day 41 (Las Animas, CO – Lamar, CO)

Today was the best I’ve felt since my shin started bothering me at the beginning of this week. Another positive is that I finished my 35 miles in only four runs. 

For the first run I did 10 miles, which went well other that the hundreds of gnats swarming around my face the majority of the way. I made sure that wouldn’t happen on my second run by dousing my face in bug spray. That made for a much more pleasant 9 miles.

By time I began my third run of the day the temperature was up to the upper 90’s. I’d removed as much clothing as is legally allowed in the state of Colorado, but it was still quite unbearable. Luckily, my legs were still feeling great, so it wasn’t a completely miserable run. 

While I was taking a break before my last run of the day, clouds moved in and within five minutes the temperature dropped about 20 degrees. So my last run was very enjoyable, other than being chased by a dog for a brief section. I swerved in between traffic multiple times to try and throw the dog off, but he was wise to my tricks and stuck right with me. I was begging vehicles to stop and help, but they wanted no part of it. Maybe it was because they were too busy laughing at the scrawny, nearly nude kid flailing around like an idiot while a dog was chasing him. Or maybe they thought it was an elaborate trick I was pulling to try and carjack them. It didn’t matter though because eventually I escaped by climbing over a fence and into a nunnery. Luckily I didn’t run into any angry nuns and was able to finish the rest of my run.  


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