Day 40 (Hawley, CO – Las Animas, CO)

Today was very solid overall. I ended up with 35 miles, my shin felt fine, and I’ve gotten my new pairs of shoes broken in.

I did 4 runs of 8 miles and then ended the day with an easy 3 miles. The first run took me into the town of La Junta, then the road turned into a four lane for a while until I got to Las Animas.

I finished the day between Las Animas and the John Martin Reservoir State Park where we found a campsite for the night.

The weather was almost perfect today with clear skies and cool temperatures for most of the day.

I was still concerned about my shin today, especially when I put on my new shoes for the first time since my shin started bothering me. Luckily there was no problem with it and I felt stronger on every run.

We’re getting so close to Kansas now that I can almost see the World’s Largest Ball of Twine just beyond the horizon.


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