Day 38 (Day Off)

Today was a much needed day of rest after my leg started to bother me yesterday. I spent all of last night icing and taking care of it, and woke up this morning feeling much better. We went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and picked up a compression sleeve for my leg and a foam roller. Even though it’s feeling better today, I still want to be very proactive about it and make sure that it doesn’t become a problem. 

This afternoon we met up with Tom Fitzpatrick who flew into the Colorado Springs airport to take over for my dad for the next week. Dad showed Tom all of the ins and outs of the RV before taking off to go home. He definitely deserves a little break after spending over a month out here helping me out, which he claims is more difficult than actually running across America. 

After dropping my dad off at the airport, Tom and I got some dinner at Chili’s, which I believe was my first time there. Prior to tonight my only exposure to Chili’s was the Dundies episode of The Office. It didn’t quite live up to the high expectations set by that show, but it was still pretty good. 

We’re staying at the hotel in Colorado Springs again tonight and waking up early tomorrow morning to get back to where I left off on Monday. Hopefully I won’t have any problems with my legs tomorrow, but i’ll be extra conservative to start out just in case. By the time my dad gets back out here, I’ll be in Garden City, Kansas. At that point I’ll be pretty close to halfway, which is very exciting. But for now i’m going to enjoy my last few days in the wonderful state of Colorado. 



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