Day 37 (Walsenburg, CO – Fowler, CO)


It was a pretty rough day. I decided that after running over a thousand miles in my first three pairs of shoes it was time to switch into some new ones today. Within the first mile of my first run my left shin started to hurt pretty bad. I finished the run but could tell that this would be a problem.

Sure enough, on my second run my shin hurt even worse. I stopped early and iced it for a while, then went out for my next run in one of my old pairs of shoes and actually felt significantly better.

For the rest of my runs I did about 4 miles at a time in my old shoes, taking it really easy. The pain was still there but it was bearable. For the last run I wrapped athletic tape around my left leg and it was the best I felt all day.

I was only planning on doing 30 miles today, and ended up doing 26.2, so it didn’t end up being a terrible day other than my leg hurting.

I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that suddenly switching into a brand new pair of shoes that weren’t broken in yet threw something off and caused my shin to ache. It already feels almost completely better only a few hours after my last run, so I’m thinking that as long as I take care of it tonight and tomorrow on my day off, I should be fine.

We’re staying at a hotel up in Colorado Springs tonight because tomorrow my dad is flying home and his friend Tom is flying out here to take over for a little bit. My dad will be back out when I get to Garden City, KS, which is only a week or so away.

Even though I didn’t feel great today, I’m still glad that I managed to get in the mileage that I did instead of just calling it a day after my first couple of runs.

One thought on “Day 37 (Walsenburg, CO – Fowler, CO)

  1. Keep up the good work, Garth. You are an amazing person! Thanks for the updates, we really appreciate them, back here in Canton, PA.

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