Day 35 (Alamosa, CO – Fort Garland, CO)


I got another 35 mile day in, feeling alright, but not amazing. I’m still glad I got 35 because I figure that if I keep doing that even when I’m not feeling great, then the days when I run 30 will feel a lot easier.

My first run of the day went very well. I did 6.75 miles and felt great. The second run was a little tougher, with a headwind and a lot more traffic. On the third run however it switched from a headwind to a very strong tailwind.

I stopped at the RV and got some lunch before going out for my last two runs of the day. The tailwind was so intense that I barely needed to put any effort into the run. All I had to do was lift my feet off the ground and the wind carried me forward.

I caught a strong headwind the last 2 miles of my last run, but still made out alright. My legs are feeling a bit tight, particularly my left leg, but when I get going it feels fine. I might try to take an ice bath within the next few days just to be safe.

We’re in the middle of nowhere tonight, parked on the side of the road. We should be back in civilization tomorrow though. It’s not nearly as bad as Arizona though as far as desolate roads go.

I counted up my mileage and I’m at 981.43, which means I’ll be over 1,000 tomorrow. So that’ll be a nice milestone to reach.


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