Day 34 (Del Norte, CO – Alamosa, CO)


My first run of the day started out pretty well. I didn’t feel great, but my pace ended up being a lot quicker than I thought.

After that I decided to slow it down for the rest of my runs. I still felt alright, but I didn’t want to overdo it.

We ended up in Alamosa, which I didn’t realize was the home of Adams State University. We had to compete against them at nationals when I was at Edinboro, although it was hardly a competition. They were always one of the top teams in the nation.

I ended up doing just over 35 miles again today, finishing at the campground that we’re staying at.

Overall I didn’t feel quite as good as the last couple days, but I still felt alright. The last 3 miles of the day were probably the toughest, as a swarm of mosquitos were all over my legs the entire time. I’m surprised I had any blood left in my legs by the end of the run.


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