Day 32 (Pagosa Springs – Wolf Creek Pass)


After having a so-so day yesterday, and knowing that I’d be facing a challenging climb at the end of today, I wasn’t expecting to have a great day. It turned out to be the best day of running that I’ve had so far.

I started my first run a little late after eating breakfast at Tom Owens house. I felt very tired and just wanted to go back to bed. After taking my first few steps, I instantly knew that it would be a good day.

My legs felt perfectly fine, and nothing on my body was hurting or irritated. I was listening to music and actually felt so great that I started to sing along as I ran. I felt unstoppable.

That feeling didn’t go away all day. I didn’t take very long breaks between each run because I felt so good that I wanted to get back out there as soon as I could.

We knew going into today that I’d have to make my way up the Wolf Creek Pass, a mountain that’s peak is 10,857 feet in elevation. Multiple people warned me about how difficult it would be to run up it.

I finished my fourth run at the base of the mountain, with only 4 miles to go to get to 30 for the day. I wanted to finish the day at the top of the mountain instead of halfway up it. We were told that it was 7 miles to the top, so I decided to go a little over 30 for the day.

As I started making my way up the mountain, I knew it was going to be easier than I expected. There was so much room on the side of the road to run that traffic wasn’t an issue at all. I felt great and relaxed the entire way up, with beautiful surroundings. The higher I got, the cooler and crisper the air became, which felt fantastic.

It ended up being 8 miles to the top, which I was fine with since I was having such a good time. I knew I was getting close to the peak when I started seeing snow. I finished right at the Continental Divide.

I ended the day with 34.5 miles. I’m at about 880 miles so far, and I feel like I’m getting stronger every day. I’m thinking about upping my mileage to 35 miles a day, at least on days when I’m feeling good. That way all those extra 5 miles a day will slowly add up and I can keep up with my projected schedule while taking days off every week or two.

Also, if you’re looking to track where I am and where I’ve gone so far, head over to It’s not 100% accurate, but it gives a general idea of where I’ve gone so far.


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