Day 30 (Mancos, CO – Bayfield, CO)


Coming off a break, I was ready to rock and roll this morning and get back on the road. My first two runs were pretty much completely downhill, which I was pleased with.

After run number three, I was just on the other side of the wonderful town of Durango, so my dad and I went into town and got some lunch at a pizza place. I can’t recall the name and am currently too lazy to google it or check yelp, but it was still pretty good. 

The fourth run of the day wasn’t quite as easy. Not because I was tired or hurt, but the traffic was insane, and there wasn’t a whole lot of room to run. That really shouldn’t be a reason to complain at this point though. It’s just the way of the road.

The last run of the day was a lot nicer. The traffic died down, it started to cool off, and I ended up finishing at the campsite that we’re staying at tonight in Bayfield. That will make the first run tomorrow morning much easier. 

We were looking on a map at different places I’d be right now if I left from my hometown of Canton, PA and ran as many miles as I have so far, just to put things in perspective. Today I could’ve arrived in Savannah, Atlanta, or just past Nashville. and I would’ve gotten into Chicago a week ago. It just makes it easier to comprehend how far i’ve already gone. I’m perfectly happy with where i’m at now though, and can’t wait to see what’s ahead.




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