Day 28 (Cortez, CO – Mancos, CO)


Today was another really good day of running overall. I started out the morning with a 6.7 mile run, followed by another 6.16.

We went and got lunch at the Absolute Bakery & Cafe in downtown Mancos, which was amazing. I got the chicken cordon bleu pasta, which might have been a bit overkill. Especially since I went for my next run about 15 minutes afterwards. It was very similar to The Office, where Michael Scott “carbo-loads” with a large serving of chicken alfredo right before running a 5k.

About 45 minutes after that run was over, we met up with my old Edinboro teammate and good friend Ben Hahn, who lives in Mancos with his wife Dylan, and has his own high altitude running center called the Mancos Project.

It’s especially cool to be going through his town out here and running with Ben because back when I ran across Pennsylvania, I went through Ben’s hometown of Smethport and ran with him, which was the first time we met. If it wasn’t for that chance encounter, I probably wouldn’t have ended up going to Edinboro, and ultimately might not have been doing this run right now.

We went for a 10 miler and I felt amazing. It was my first time running with someone else on this trip, and it made a huge difference. We’re staying at his place tonight and Dylan cooked us all an amazing Enchilada dinner.

Tomorrow is my day off, which will feel good after going about 2 weeks without a break. I’m still feeling strong though and I can’t wait to get back on the road.


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