Days 24-26 (Kayenta, AZ – Towaoc, CO)


Sorry to have left you all on a bit of a cliffhanger a few days ago. It’s been quite desolate, with no cell service or wifi to be found. Every time we came across a gas station, it was as though we’d found paradise.

When I last blogged, I mentioned that my left leg was bothering me and I was somewhat concerned that it could be serious. I’m happy to report that it is completely fine now. The next day it was still there, but not nearly as bad as the day before. By Wednesday, there was no pain or irritation at all, and today was one of my best days as far as nothing hurting.

Today was very significant, as I finally went through the four corners and into Colorado. Arizona was a lovely state, but it was also a difficult one. Now that I’m in a new state, I feel rejuvenated.

🎶It’s been a while🎶 since I’ve taken a day off, so I’m starting to feel a little worn out. I plan on taking Sunday off when we arrive in Mancos, where my friend and former Edinboro teammate Ben Hahn lives. That will definitely help me get through these next two days.

Even though there’s still a long ways to go, when I look at the upcoming schedule it’s actually not as bad as it sounds. In about 9 days I’ll be 1/3 of the way done, and it’s really flown by so far.

2 thoughts on “Days 24-26 (Kayenta, AZ – Towaoc, CO)

  1. Garth, glad things are going well for you. Are you alone now? Or are some of your college buddies with you? I hope you are not alone. But then we are never alone. God is always with you. God bless. Connie

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