Day 22 (Kaibeto, AZ – between Kaibeto & Kayenta, AZ


It was another solid day of running. I felt great the entire time. My stride felt very smooth and felt very light on my feet.

I’m starting to think that I prefer doing 3 or 4 runs to get 30 miles, rather than more shorter runs. But every day is different and I’ll keep switching it up as I go along so that it never gets too monotonous.

There weren’t too many notable things that happened today other than stopping at a gas station. It’s pretty desolate out here, but we’ll be back in civilization by the end of tomorrow.

I will say that at that gas station I did find out about a movie I never knew existed until now. It’s called ‘Love is Blind’, a romantic comedy from 1977 starring Dan Akroyd as a blind man who presumably falls in love with a woman, and hilarity ensues. I wish I had cell service out here so that I could find out more about this movie on imdb, because I’m intrigued.

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