Day 21 (Between Cameron & Tuba City – Kaibeto, AZ)


Today was a big improvement over yesterday. The road that I’m on now is still busy, but at least there’s room on the side of the road to run.

I started out early this morning with 8.5 miles. It was early enough that the traffic wasn’t too bad yet.

The second run was a little rough with the traffic picking up substantially. It still wasn’t too hot which made it not so bad.

My last two runs were great. There was a strong tailwind the entire way, and I finished on a gradual downhill.

On my last run we passed by a group of runners heading the opposite direction. They were part of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run. It’s a torch relay that symbolizes humanity’s aspiration for world peace. Over the past three decades of the event, the torch has visited more than 140 nations. You can learn more at

In just the short amount of time I’ve been on the road so far it’s amazing how many people I’ve come across doing such amazing things of their own. It makes me feel better knowing I’m not alone out here.


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