Day 20 (North of Flagstaff – Between Cameron and Tuba City, AZ)

I started this morning with a 10 miler, taking me out of the Coconino National Forest and back into the desert. I felt amazing, maybe one of my best runs so far. It almost felt effortless.

I took a short break and then got back on the road for another 8 miles. This was a little more rough than the morning run. It was significantly hotter, and the road became very narrow, with seemingly endless traffic speeding by just inches away from me. It didn’t help that when I finished, the RV was just as hot, if not hotter than it was outside. 

I took a pretty long break after that. We found an RV park for the night. I called into our local radio station, Wiggle 100, and talked to Shane Wilber giving an update on where I was at and how the run has gone so far. 

It was starting to get late, so I figured it was time to get out there and finish my last 12 miles for the day. I was planning on splitting it up into two runs, but the traffic was still just as horrible and I just wanted to get the run over with, so I did all 12 in one run. I actually felt quite a bit better than the middle of the day, and it feels good to be done with the day. 

It definitely wasn’t the worst day i’ve had so far, especially with the amazing run I had this morning, but it was still pretty rough at times. Tomorrow i’ll be getting off the road that i’m on right now, so hopefully the traffic won’t be as bad after that. I’m getting a lot closer to Colorado, and it will feel great to finally cross the four corners. 


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