Day 19 (Flagstaff, AZ – North of Flagstaff, AZ)


Today went very well. Started out this morning running through downtown Flagstaff, and ended up doing 8 miles. I felt great, so after a short break I went back out and did just over 10 miles.

We stopped and had some lunch, took a break, then I went back out for another 8.75. Took another short break and finished the day with an easy 3.2 miles.

The weather was great for running today. It was overcast and cool for most of the day. I felt really good the whole time.

We went back to a campground in Flagstaff for the night, and went to dinner at Diablo Burger in downtown Flagstaff. I had the Blutarsky, based on John Belushi’s character from one of my favorite films, ‘Animal House’. It was delicious, and I love that they use English muffins for the buns.

Flagstaff is an amazing town and I hope to come back sometime soon. But for now, I’ve got to keep heading east.


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