Day 18 (Sedona, AZ – Flagstaff, AZ)


Started the day with an easy 6 miler, and then realized that the road I was running on was closed a few miles ahead due to the wildfire. The only other way to get up to Flagstaff was the interstate, which I was less than psyched about.

It really isn’t too bad running on the interstate, as long as you don’t mind motorists constantly honking their horns at you, waving their hands in rage and disgust. Trust me, I don’t want to be on this road any more than you want me here, but I highly doubt that I’m causing you any trouble, unless my short shorts are distracting you from the road. That would be understandable.

But now I’m back on the good ol’ roads that were made for man to run on, and I’ve finally reached Flagstaff. I did a rough calculation of my total milage so far and I believe I’m at 480, which means tomorrow I’ll finally be over the 500 mile mark. Now I’ve just got to do that 5 more times. Should be a cinch.


2 thoughts on “Day 18 (Sedona, AZ – Flagstaff, AZ)

  1. we are praying for you, your dad and your family at home in canton… (Lois Shaffer goes to our church)… keep safe–both of you. and may God give all of you the strength you continue to need, on the road and keeping the home fires going…

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