Day 17 (Mingus Mountain, AZ – Sedona, AZ)


Started the day off with a 12 miler, going down a mountain the entire time. There were many sharp turns and little space to run, but the fact that it was all downhill definitely helped.

About halfway down, I went through the town of Jerome, which is one of the coolest places I’ve run through so far on this trip. The entire town is on the side of the mountain. The population is only 450 and it’s a thriving artist community. I wish I could’ve stopped and spent some time there, but unfortunately I had many more miles to go, and it would’ve been nearly impossible to get the RV back up there.

After I finished my 12 miles, I took a ten minute break and went back out to do an additional 3, so that we would be in Clarkdale.

I rested for a while before going back out and doing 9 miles, and then finished the day with a 6 miler. It got pretty hot during the last two runs, and my left ankle started to get irritated from running on a slanted road for a while, but it was still not a bad day.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be even hotter, so I’m going to get an early start and try to get as many miles in as I can before the sun gets too high and I end up like Spongebob when he’s in Sandy’s Treedome without his water helmet.


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