Day 16 (Prescott, AZ – Mingus Mountain, AZ)


It’s amazing what one day of rest can do. I felt great today on all of my runs. Started out this morning with a 10 miler through downtown Prescott. It was a nice and cool morning, perfect running weather.

After an hour break I headed back on the road for another 9 miles. This was mostly all on a four lane highway, which wasn’t great, but at least the traffic wasn’t too bad. After a couple of hours I did 7 more miles, before finishing my day with an easy 4 miles.

Actually, the last run wasn’t entirely easy, as I had to go up yet another winding mountain. This is the third day in a row that’s ended going up a mountain, and I’m hoping that doesn’t become a regular thing.

Still, it wasn’t nearly as bad as Saturday, and I felt really good overall. We should be getting into Flagstaff in a couple days, where I’ll be over 500 miles into my run.


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