Day 14 (Peeples Valley, AZ – Prescott, AZ)

Thank god I’m taking tomorrow off, because today was rough. It started off fine. When I went on my first run it was actually 45 degrees, which was a nice change from the scorching heat we’ve been having most of the way.

On my second run, my left foot got a little sore during the last couple of miles. Nothing serious, but this was the worst day for me to be having something hurt.

I finished my second run just before I had to go over yet another mountain. Only this made yesterday’s climb seem like a walk in the park.

At least on that run, there was more than enough space on the side of the road and I felt safe and relaxed. Today there was zero berm separating myself from traffic, and the entire way up and down the mountain was constant tight corners, leaving no chance for a vehicle rounding a corner to see me. I saw more memorials for people who died on that mountain than I’ve ever seen before in my life.

This was easily the most terrible section of my run so far. By the end of my 30 miles I was in a pretty terrible mood, and my body felt completely dead.

But now I’m finally feeling better. Partly due to the fact that I got to eat at an In-N-Out Burger for the first time in my life tonight, and afterwards went to the movie theater and saw ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’.

I’m excited that I get to take tomorrow off and enjoy my time in Prescott. Then I’ll be ready to carry on with my run. I might need a few more double-double burgers first though.


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