Day 13 (Aguila, AZ – Peeples Valley, AZ)


Today started out easy enough. The road was flat and you could see ahead for a mile because of how straight it was. Little did I know that this was just a clever trick to make me think it would be an easy day and lower my guard.

Next thing I know, it’s the early afternoon and I’m running straight towards a mountain, and there was no way around it. This was by far the biggest climb that I’ve faced so far. And I don’t mean that figuratively like the Miley Cyrus song. It was literally the biggest climb in elevation so far. Just wanted to make that clear.

It really wasn’t too bad though. The toughest part about going over the mountain was that it was the last run of the day, so I was already pretty worn out from the 22 miles I had already run.

The view of the valley below as I made my way up the mountain was beautiful. Also, there was more than enough space on the side of the road for me to run, which always makes for a much more enjoyable time.

By the end of tomorrow, we should be in Prescott, AZ, which is the biggest town we’ll have been in for a while. Once we get there, I’m going to take the day off on Sunday and recover. I still feel pretty good, but I think that a day off every week or so will go a long ways in keeping myself healthy, both physically and mentally.


One thought on “Day 13 (Aguila, AZ – Peeples Valley, AZ)

  1. Keep going strong Garth! We enjoy reading you blogs! It’s been great running along with you or at least it feels like it;)

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